Monday, April 4, 2011

monday musings: magnificent mantels

Good morning lovelies! We hope you all had a glorious weekend! So, hopefully all of you are more fortunate than we are and actually have the pleasure of having a mantel, as we do not. We are totally envious of all of these spaces. If you are lucky enough to have a mantel, it is most likely the focal point of the room it resides. These pictures definitely have the WOW factors.

These arched mirrors compliment this mantel like woah. What is not to love?
This convex mirror is UN-believable. The accessories in this room and on the mantel absolutely make it.
Ummm steel blue walls? Check. White milk glass accessories? Check. Longhorn? Check. This room is the most.
Again with the steel blue walls, we cannot seem to get enough. This room is completely symmetrical and we love the complete uniformity.
This stone fireplace is so unique. The use of simple accessories and art is perfect, as it doesn't deter from the real beauty of this room. Oh and the chairs? Yeah. We will take them.
Wowie. Wowie. Love the walls and the white accents. The understated accessories on the mantel, let the mantel do what it is meant to do, steal the show. Again with the chairs! Come on! Need long as you do not have children.
Loving the eclectic feel of this room. The asymmetry and the hodge podge of accessories. The mirror is the perfect addition to the mantel.
What about you all? Are you lucky enough to have a mantel to decorate your room around? We would love to see.

We have a busy week boys and girls. On the horizon: Announcement of the winner of the Dani Notes Giveaway, the $10 chair reveal and the beginning of a very special guest blogger segment called Favorite Room Feature. We look forward to spending the week with you all! Happy Monday!


  1. Beautiful! My mantel is not nearly as fabulous and any of these. I would love to redo my fireplace.

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