Tuesday, April 26, 2011

S+S E-Design: Rustic Cowboy Chic

After much deliberation, we have arrived on a theme for the baby's nursery. Baby Miller's design style has been deemed: Rustic Cowboy Chic. When I first told my girlfriend that I wanted to follow a cowboyesque theme, she was less than on board. It took a few weeks of coaxing and me promising that it wouldn't be entirely Marlboro man chic, to finally rope her in. No pun intended. I assured her that other elements would be peppered in. So, this is the final inspiration board.

Cowboy: First lets start with the straight up cowboy aspects. I wanted the art to have a cowboy feel, hence the Pottery Barn Cowboy plate wall. These are circa 2008 Pottery Barn and can be found on eBay. The graphic cowboy print can be found on Etsy. Love the personalization for baby Miller.

Rustic: What is rustic without some antlers on the wall? As you all know, this is a big trend right now and I just love this for the genre we are looking to achieve. The lighting is a rustic lantern that I feel completely brings the elements together. The reclaimed wood bench, is the most! My friend was looking for something functional for storage, as well as, serve as a seating unit. Her husband is apparently Bob the Builder and may be fashioning a copy of this bench. More power to you, Bob! Last but not least, the rustic star.

Chic: Cowskin rug. Ahhhh!! This was basically the building block of this room. As soon as I got the go ahead with the cowskin rug, it was go time! To pull all of these elements together, a chic chevron print for bedding was much needed. Tres Cowboy Rustic Chic!


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