Monday, April 25, 2011

monday musings: nurseries...boy oh boy!

Good morning lovelies! We hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Today we are talking about boy nurseries. One of my absolute dearest friends is pregnant with a baby boy. As of late, we have been talking about design schemes for the room. We are totally teetering back and forth on a few themes and are trying to pull a few ideas together. Maybe I can be like Emily Henderson Design Star on HGTV... I shall marry 16 completely unrelated styles. Are you ready to hear what is style is? Baby boy's style is: Zoological rustic glam circus chic. Rolls right off the tongue. 

On this glorious Monday morning, I am sharing with you some inspiration for my inspiration boards. Redundant. I know.  

This amazing image comes from Melanie over at Your Style Scout! She is a KC girl and she knows her style! Love this image. It is so over the top and glam! The colors are just killing it. No matter what theme I arrive upon, these colors will be weaved in!
Loving the simplistic, rustic feel of this room. As you all know, we cannot resist any ceramic animal bust on a wall. I am really loving the grey tones mixed with the Texas Longhorn orange. Super fabulous for this handsome baby. 
So basically, every image I have come up with includes greys, stormy blues and a variation of a reddish orange color. So what? The heart wants what the heart wants. What child would not want that horsey in their room? So simple yet so lovely. 
I can hardly resist an animal theme. The only thing holding me back from this idea is that my friend did the animal theme for her first born, Henry. We can't repeat, folks. Need the lighting though. Immediately.  
Here is a vintage circus theme. Probably not my favorite theme, but again with the colors. I. couldn't. resist.
Later this week...the finished inspiration boards, a guest post from the fabulous Chic Coles and more! Also, us girls are off for a girls trip to Savannah, GA this weekend. Any suggestions on places to frequent are much appreciated!


  1. ooooo, love that first one! That turquoise piece is TO DIE FOR! Great round up!

  2. The rustic nursery is incredible. Love the wood door backdrop!

    xox Lexi
    Glitter & Pearls


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