Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Project Elegant Mid-Century Modern Zoo Nursery: Client Updates

I know you all adore a good client update and that is precisely what you are going to get today. I love to give you what you want. Remember my recent client who I designed this space for their baby boy? No? Let me jog your memory. Elegant mid-century modern zoo I call it. Zeebs, giraffes and elephants. Oh my. 

With me now? Here was the space before, which was being used as a guest bedroom. 
Here it is now. Did they not do a fantastic job on the striped wall? I know. I am so incredibly impressed with their skills. The drum chandelier and cornice board over the window are all on their way to be hung.
With my favorite zeeb art ever.
They were seriously getting busy this weekend. Don't worry folks, the crib will have a mattress and bedding. We are aware that a bare crib would be against some pediatric regulation. We know. Who doesn't adore that giraffe?
The mid-century modern dresser that will double as the changing table. Above this will go the gallery wall of art seen above in the design board. The glider will rest to the left of the dresser. 
Here is one thing we will be changing. Although we love this little piece of furniture, it is smaller than we thought. Scale is off. While we could add a vertical piece of art to draw the eye up, we are not going to. My client has eagle eyes and found the perfect tall solution. 
Taaaa daaaa. Perfect color. Perfect size. It will be perfect to hold all of little man's books and any other thing a baby should need (because I have no earthly idea what that would be). Honesty.
We are a hop skip and a jump from this project being complete. Just accessorizing. Oh and that thing we call bedding. Big one there.What do we think? Love you. Mean it. XOXO


  1. Wow! They are really making your board come to life, what a lucky little guy who will get this room. I mean that giraffe? Just too good.

  2. Oh yes!! Looking fabulous! All these babies are going to have such great aesthetics growing up in such beautiful spaces.

  3. They have done an awesome job making the board come to life. I'm in love with the giraffe, he might need to make an appearance in our nursery!

  4. What a dream room for a little one! Love the mix of patterns from the wall to the rug.

  5. Looks awesome! I am not normally a big fan of mid-century modern, but am LOVING this!! I just recently stumbled upon your blog...so happy I did! Love your style!

  6. LOVE! The rug is absolutely fabulous.

  7. Love the stripes...obvs! Our nursery will definitely have that giant giraffe in it!!! So so cute!!!!! xoxo

  8. I love the stripes! Everything looks so good, great job!

    Rachel Ashley

  9. I totally have that giraffe! One of our neighbors was going to throw it away (can you believe it?) so we rescued him. I absolutely adore it!

  10. It looks great Lindsay!!! I love the gray and white stripes!!! And that giraffe is adorns!!! XoXo

  11. What a lucky little baby. I love all of this. Am I too old for a giraffe?

  12. Looks awesome! Have you considered Serena & Lily crib bedding? The Grass Trellis sheet, the Sprout Kite sheet, Sprout Penny or the Sprout Star sheet would probably look great with the green bookshelf! And the styles would blend with everything else you have going on in the space.

    1. That's actually the exact bedding we have ordered. Just have not put it on yet. Thanks though!

  13. Where did she find the taller green shelf? I'm thinking I need that...

  14. Pleeeease tell me you will post sources?


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