Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Musings: Antelope

My love muffins. How are you? Did you have a nice weekend? They are never long enough. Are they? Today I am discussing something so near and dear to my heart, the antelope rug. Of course it would be about an animal of some sort. Of course. Don't get all "oh it is sooooo Serengeti" on me. I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about this flooring choice, but I am all guns blazing about it. I love the neutral color palette and natural vibe that it brings to the table. It is sure to balance any space. I have big plans for myself and the antelope rug. I am not quite sure what that entails yet, but it is going to be magical. Let me show you other magical antelope scenarios. 

So if you are well versed in the subject of antelope flooring, then you know that it can get quite pricey. That is where my genius bargaining skills come in. I have found the perfect budget friendly alternative. 

So where are we on this subject? Do we love? Or do we think it looks like someone has walked along the carpet dribbling a liquid substance in a straight line? Shoot me straight y'all! Regardless, this baby is going to be making its way into my abode. XOXO


  1. Lindsay my love ... antelope is Perfection!! I love it ... it is very neutral, without the boring look!!!xo

  2. I agree with Kim and I have to say it is the only animal-esque fur I would use in my house. I think its appeal is that it is so subtle.

  3. I love it....I like the save option too....I think it would be nice in the darker about all those Kelly bags?? YUM!

  4. It is absolutely gorgeous! I have to admit, the splurge is my favorite!

  5. The rug is gorgeous!!! Great photos too.

    (Formerly Simply Lowcountry)

  6. YES! I'm so with you! I have a Stark antelope rug (bought off Gilt) in one of my bedrooms and absolutely adore it. Great post!

  7. I owe you big time for this post! I love an antelope rug and had no idea there even was a "save" out there. Happy New Year!

  8. Oh number one please! Love that whole space! :)

  9. I love this post. Everyone is going crazy over animal print rugs right now and I think this is a great new take on this look. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Oh girl, I am typing while I am on hold with my cable company...renegotiation rate time. If I save enough on the new cable bill, I will buy the splurge. That save version isn't cutting it for me.

  11. I love it! Such a beautiful neutral number :)

  12. Love it as an alternative to leopard or tiger print. An animal print layered into an otherwise neutral room is one of my favorite design combos. Love the ones you featured here. And there is a less expensive option to boot! Fabulous.

  13. I think it is gorgeous! I love how the stripes break up the spots and it is refreshing to see another animal print.

  14. So fab and so fun. Love the subtle pattern in a great neutral. Thanks for pulling all the images together.

  15. I still love leopard, but this is coming in at a close second

  16. I LIKE, I WANT, I NEEEEED ONE! Seriously. I do!

  17. I LOVE this carpet. Have loved, will forever love this carpet. Thanks for sharing the 'save' version -- had not seen it before.


  18. Need it, want it, gotta have NOW! I've always loved any animal prints and I feel no different about antelope!! Maybe I can convince the Mr. to let me put some in the man room too! haha

  19. I love antelope! Might just replace leopard as my favorite animal print for 2013! xx

  20. I am SO with you! I'm completely in love with this carpet! And now I'm completely in love with you because you found an affordable version! Fantastico!


  21. Sweet Jesus. That is gorgeous. I have been searching for a rug for the home office and this could not be any more perfect.

  22. I love the antelope look! If I still had my stairs, I would be all over a antelope runner for the stairs!

  23. I have ever actually seen this, but it's drop dead gorgeous! I love it and I bet its so soft.

  24. Love antelope! So glad you highlighted Myers Flooring on your "save" version of the look. They are a great company! I also found a lower cost version at World Market, if anyone wants to check that out.

    1. Really?!?! Did you see it in the store? I cannot find it online!

  25. Where could you find the "save" antelope rug? Or even the Stark rug? I am having a hard time finding a place to be able to order any kind of antelope rug. Thanks!


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