Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What's been up and where I have been

Hello my darlings. I know you all are dying to know what the hell I have been up to, to take such a hiatus from y'all the past two weeks. Truth is, I have been just kicking it on my couch in KC. I am totally kidding. I wouldn't do that to you. Or would I? If you follow me on Instagram, chances are you are already privy to some of these details, but let's recap. So the first week that I left you, I was in Chicago visiting my family. It looked a little something like this. 

Dining (stuffing my face) at chic restaurants such as Nelcotte. I mean how glam is this spot? 
A large kantha quilt collection at the Randolph Street Market. I highly recommend this for any of you Chicago natives or visitors. It is a large outdoor antique market full of goodies such as these. I had to be physically restrained in order to not buy the whole table. 

Also spotted at the market, this Hollywood Regency pair of nightstands. I swear if these didn't go to a worthy and deserving home I might scream. 
 We also hit up a furniture spot called Nadeau that I have been dying to go to. It didn't disappoint. Many bone inlaid items. Had I been driving back and not allowed one measly carry on item, I would have made this side table work. $96. Swear. Maybe they will throw in the fire extinguisher as well? Who can say.
 Or how about this bone inlaid lilac bench beaut? I swooned over it even though my brother tried to convince me it was not my style. What do boys know? 
So after that fun filled weekend of gaining a solid 5 lbs, I headed to Houston to visit my bestie Sam for a girls weekend. Here is us after being reunited (in 95% humidity). Reunited and it feels so good. Cabs are here. 
 Sam took me to some incredible design showrooms such as Kuhl-Linscomb. I obviously was immediately drawn to this hut as I think it could be my next home. What do we think? 
 And this amazing authentic oriental runner they are sporting there. I wanted to roll this up and take it everywhere I went for a grand and dramatic entrance. 
An installation that had me absolutely salivating. I can think of a million places I would love to put this piece. The lucite framing is killing it. 

 We headed to the pool for the fourth and Sam is still trying to convince me that not everyone in Houston dresses like this. I am skeptical. 
 And another one. Gold lame is in, right? 
 After our day of pool time, we did some more power shopping. On to b2 for the chicest set of blue and white you can ever imagine. I was in heaven. 
 We of course had to take a break to hydrate and what better way than a white wine mojito from Tiny Boxwood's. These babies were strong, refreshing and got us through to more shopping. 
 So this was my personal fave because I happen to use High Fashion Home in the majority of my designs. Their prices are reasonable and their style is never compromised. I mean just look at this emerald green tufted couch. I don't know what I am going to do with it, but I need it. Now. 
 Next up was a little visit to the mecca of Jonathan Adler. I mean this guy couldn't kill it anymore if he tried. I have used this light fixture in several designs but let me tell you, a picture just does not do it justice. 
 My girl Sam introduced me to a friend of hers who happens to be a fellow ginger (yes I am a natural redhead). We are a rare breed, folks. Less than 10%. Swear. 
 While I was here, there and everywhere, my clients were getting stuff done. Just look at the amazing tufted barrel back chairs that my client picked up from her upholsterer. Cannot wait to share the before and afters of this space with y'all.
And my other client received her finished drapes for her master suite. Can we say chic? Just to let you know, her ceiling is also covered in a whimsical floral print. It is pretty major. 
 It is good to be back. What did I miss? Fill me in! XOXO


  1. What fun times! I love your journalling of shopping etc with Sam..looks like a blast. I would LOVE those shops...it's hard to not want everything! Your clients are going to be so thrilled cause these designs are awesome. Welcome home!
    xo Nancy

  2. I would never have guessed that you're a natural redhead! Must figure out how to make my own white wine mojito.. sounds amazing!

  3. so fun!! So glad you hung out with Sam! in texas! Seems like the perfwct getaway! and that dresser!!! amazing! so good!!

  4. I have enjoyed following you on Instagram and seeing your photo updates!! I can not get over that nightstand and green couch- still! They are both gorgeous. I just recently decided (now that I am decorating a home) how much I love oriental rugs and runners. That runner is perfect and would look great in my upstairs hallway! Happy you've had such a fun time!!



  5. What fun! You have been a busy girl..all such fun things, great food, good shopping, friends and parties. Sounds great to me. That B2 store looks amazing!!!!!! Glad you are back.

  6. UGH rude of you to be gone so long having fun and crap. GEEZ lady entertain us! Kidding! Looks like you had an amazing time- welcome back! :)

  7. Looks like a super fun getaway! So jealous.

  8. Ohhh good updates! As a fellow redhead, it's only natural that I love everything you love too...the tufted chair, the emerald green couch, the JA chandy, lucite frame...

  9. Everything looks fab! Glad you ladies had a good time :)

  10. You were quite the jet-setter. Stay away from boys who wear gold lame.Looks like you had a great time and a well deserved rest(?).

  11. Girl sounds like you have been having a fab summer!! Love Melanie's chairs they are perfection!

  12. "Sam is still trying to convince me that not everyone in Houston dresses like this. I am skeptical." - That line is hilarious! I lived in the south for a while in Arkansas and I know exactly what she means. And thanks for the places in Chicago to check out, I'm a native and have somehow missed these spots!

  13. Okay there are too many fabulous things in this post for my brain to handle...the emerald sofa, the spotted/tufted chairs...your blogger date with Sam! Sounds like you've had a fun 2 weeks!!

  14. EEEEK love it!!! It was so fun to have you here. I am going through serious withdrawls. :(


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