Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Musings: Black and White

Good morning miladies. So,I apologize for the radio silence last week but I promise you I had a legit excuse. I do not generally like to get incredibly personal on this blog but I lost my grandfather last week. When people reflect on ways that others touch and enrich their lives in a special way, this would have been this guy for me. My grandpa was the "ish". Men like him do not exist anymore. He was honest, loyal, courageous, positive, solid, consistent, moral and above all else, hilarious. He always did the right thing even in the face of adversity. I will miss him wholeheartedly each and every day. He was a good one. I love you always and forever Grandpa. Just to give you an idea of where I get my fashion forward looks from, look at how stylish he was even back in the day. Can we say Mad Men? 

And in the spirit of my grandfather, he would want me to get back to work and that is exactly what we will do. 
I can tell you something I am totally digging right now and I can also predict this is going to be THE new big trend in home decor. Black and white. Y'all, I am feeling it. I think it faded for awhile but I this monochromatic color scheme is going to come back in a big big way. Mark my words. It is just the right amount of classic and simplicity juxtaposed with an edge. Yin meets yang. Just look at these spaces and try and tell me differently. I dare you. 


  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Your grandpa was so cute!! They really plau such an important role in our lives. ANd I agree with balck and white...its everywhere!

  2. awww lindsay - i am so sorry for your loss. i hope in time your heart heals and that hes in a better place!

  3. SO sorry for your loss. Reading this made me miss my own grandpa so, so much. I just painted my home office black and white and am decorating with chrome and brass accents. Pictures to come once I get all the furniture back in order (and de-clutter some), but it is looking mighty fine! Cheers! Ana (

  4. Lindsay-It sounds like your grandfather was an amazing man and I'm sure he is so so proud of the person you are. He was a beauty, just look at those glasses! I'm so sorry for your loss <3.

    Loving all the B&W inspo!

  5. I'm so sorry about your grandpa. He sounds like such a wonderful man and you were lucky to know him.

    And I'm feeling the black & white. It's coming back better than ever.

  6. I am so sorry to hear about your grandfather. He was indeed stylish and very "Mad Men". Black White is timeless and has always been part of my design. The combination can be so glamorous and regency. In fact I am hosting a Hollywood Regency BW pillow giveaway by CC DeuxVie at Take care.

  7. What a wonderful sorry to hear about your loss! But I missed you while you were away! And girl you know I love anything black and white! #cantgetenough

  8. So sorry, what a handsome man. At least your grandpa got to see what a happening gal you became. Loving the black and white.

  9. So sorry to hear about your loss. Welcome back. BTW-I'm all over the b+w, superfab.

  10. He WAS the ish. Probably why you are the ish. And of course, I adore black + white.

  11. sorry about your loss lady!!

    love that you made a post for him - and youre right, black and white is da bombbb. please buy me a new b&w couch so i can throw away my brown one? pleeease?

  12. Very sorry about your loss, Lindsay. He sounds incredible. I'm so with you on this black and white thing. It's fantastic.

  13. Sending lots of love and prayers your way Lindsay! xx

  14. So sorry about your grandpa :( Sending virtual hugs. I've always loved black and white- I don't think I'll ever be over it

  15. Glad to hear that your Grandpa was awesome and sorry to hear that he is gone. Take heart, I had some wonderfully inspiring grandparents that I miss terribly but I thank heaven that they were not boring and that I knew them. Black and white rules!

  16. I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a grandparent is always so hard and there arent any words that I can say to make you feel better, but we are here for you! You MUST have that photo of him framed and put in your house! I have black and white photos of both my Grandpas in my house and they make me crack up every time I see them! xoxoxoxo

  17. So sorry to hear about your grandfather. What a handsome man! Grandpas are the best men in the world. And how perfect that you chose the classic black and white d├ęcor to go with the memory of a classic kinda man. XOXOXO!

  18. haha! you stole my roundup. i have been thinking the same thing about b&w. i'm obsessed with it lately.

    very sorry to hear about your grandpa :( those good men are hard to lose. thinking of you and your fam. ox

  19. Oh the black and white, gorgeous every time. The striped curtains have just inspired a new fabric wall in my office! Love a wall of chic dramatic and fab!

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