Friday, May 10, 2013

What's been up

OMG. It is Friday. Thank god. Rejoice. Be glad. My birthday weekend is here. Did you ever think it would come? The big 29 is finally here. I would spend this moment to reflect on my year of 28 but I am not really into that. Just keep on forging ahead and making every day the best that you can. Right? Oh and to not develop any wrinkles on my face this year. Gotta keep that asset fresh ta death. Let's take a look at my week. 

This girl came to visit last weekend. Who might this be? None other than Sam from Peak of Tres Chic. She is everything you would think she would be. Stylish, glam, sweet, witty and beyond inappropriate. Have to say, I am slightly obsessed with her. We did a lot of eating, drinking, shopping and relaxing. Everything a girls weekend should be and more. 
We even met handsome and eligible suitors like this guy. I mean seriously, folks. What can I say? Nice derby hat? 
We did a lot of shopping such as this. How amazing are these beaded globe lanterns from Nell Hills? Pretty damn amazing. 
We saw some KC fashion that was off the chain. Literally. I know y'all are looking for the links to get yourself this outfit. Sorry. It is sold out. Sam was so impressed by our cutting edge fashions here in Kansas City. Who can blame her?
What else has been up this week? Well, some client updates I tell you. If you follow me via Instagram you are already privy to some of these updates. If you do not already follow me, you should. Trust me. The mood is witty banter, inappropriate pictures, glam fashion and decor. I mean wide audience being covered here folks. Anyhow, this space is a space that is in the works for my client. Just missing 3 more pillows, a chandelier, and some minor accessorizing. Home stretch baby. 
This is happening. Again, if you follow on Instagram, you are aware of this happening, although not to this extent. I know you all love updates on my house. Tile is up and all that is missing is the grout and faucets. Think distressed brass, folks. It is going to be super glam, glam. After that, insert the most rad wallpaper you have ever seen and you have got yourself a bathroom. Cannot wait for the reveal on this one. 
Came across this amazing piece of art this week. Starla Michelle has obviously got her artist stuff together because this whimsical piece has had me daydreaming for days. Love it. Need it. Where to put it? Do I care? I just want to get my greedy hands on this piece. Just sayin'. 
My favorite space of the week. How lovely is this room from Collected Blog? I love the fresh yet fun feel with the punches of color. It is oh so larvely. 
My newest favorite fashion blog has got to be BSoup. She tells me it is socially acceptable to dress like a pre-pubescent girl and I believe her. Just look how she styled this children's top. I quickly followed suit. 

So unlucky for you and the young 10 and under girls in America, the first top is sold out. I for one, was able to get one so I will be sure to rub it in when I do receive and style it. I was however lucky enough to score this little dress. I cannot wait to see if it in fact passes the finger tip/thigh rule. I will be sure to report back. Until then, get in while the gettin' is good. 

Tassel Sleeve Dress
Came across this saying this week and could not agree more. I hate people that are insecure in their selves or their own abilities and project that on others. Be your true self, and there is no competition. Don't worry about what others are doing. Just do you. Truly. 
I hope y'all have a wonderful Mother's day/my birthday weekend. I guess if there is a holiday I will share my birthday with, it will involve celebrating the best woman I know, my mom. That doesn't mean that I will suffer in silence though. Love you. Mean it. XOXO


  1. Love the recap. and Happy early Birthday. You should bust out your stripe outfit like your friend is wearing to celebrate. and love Bsoup I am jealous you got both- curious what size did you do in dress? xoxo

  2. SO inspiring!! ANd happy, Happy Birthday!! I hope its a fab weekend.

  3. Here's to a wonderful birthday weekend for your fab self. I'll send ya a *clink* via the Gram. Those tasseled numbers are so dang cute but I am partial to those wild pants. Of course with my wide arse, I would resemble a chaise lounge. But I would rock my chaise look in true over-the-top Auntie Mame style!

  4. Sounds like so much fun!! I am loving this tassel trend so much, what a darling dress!

  5. Man I want to know where that dog walker got his outfit. LOL!! Miss you already!

  6. Happy Happy Birthday weekend girl! And yes! Keep that face pristine, it's the money maker!!!!

  7. Happy birthday weekend!! Your bathroom is going to be amazing. I also the bought the tassel dress from ON and LOVE it! Have a great weekend! x

  8. Happy birthday! I can't wait to see your bathroom, it sounds like things are coming right along!!

  9. LOVE Bethany's style. She is fearless. Can't wait to see your new goodies! And LOVING the insta progress pics. Stalking daily.

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  10. Happy happy birthday!!! Hope its a fabulous weekend! I bought the tassel dress last week and it was on sale and somehow came out to about $6. I am so excited to wear it! Ha! Sad I missed the cute top!

    XO Lily

  11. I got that little girls dress, and let me tell you, it is NOT made for someone with boobs. Damn you little girls and your cute clothes and no boobs. Sad because it's so so cute on everyone else I see it on.

    HAPPY BIRHTDAY WEEKEND!!!! Live it up girl, because 30 comes FAST and so do the wrinkles and gray hairs :) Kidding agian, im sure you will be one of those lucky bitches who never ages since you are a stunning beauty!
    But for real, have the best birthday weekend ever! xxoo

  12. Happy birthday weekend, Lovely! Your house is coming along beautifully, as expected. And I love your final thought- such good advice, oh wise one. :)

  13. Hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend girl! That tassel dress is the jam. Can't wait to hear how you work it!

  14. happy belated bday! that tassel dress is sooo pretty!! AND...good advice near the bottom :)

  15. Ok so we are almost exactly a week apart, I turn 29 this Thursday. And I just discovered BSoup too - love her. And I just read your about page and I am also obsessed with Chipotle. Like, obsessed. Twins!? :) hehe
    Happy late Birthday!!

  16. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but instead of that, this is wonderful blog. A great read. I will certainly be back.


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