Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Favorite Room Feature: The Design Daredevil

My love muffins. I am so sorry we missed each other yesterday. I was swamped, overworked and needed to sleep in, frankly. Call me a teenager. Prepping for the holidays is never fun, but I could not be more excited to get my Thanksgiving on with some of our greatest friends. Let's look at some design first though, shall we? Today we have an incredibly special guest,  The Design Daredevil. She is bold, she is daring and that is the way I like it. If any you are fans of Design Star, you would have seen this blonde bombshell kicking some serious design ass. Let's see what Jessie is workin' with today. 

Hey heeeey S&S readers! Jessie AKA The Design Daredevil here and I'm SO flattered Lindsay invited me over to participate in the Favorite Room series. CONFESSION: I'm a bit of a fraud because I'm currently homeless and therefore roomless. That's right folks, a breakup and crap economy have resulted in this 31 year old interior designer living and her two Chihuahuas living in her Mother's guest bedroom. SCORE!
But don't fret kitty cats, this Design Daredevil is back with her boo and earning a steady paycheck yet again. A sexy new pad is in the works, but in the meantime, I thought I'd share my favorite room of all time. It's not my fav because of the design, but because some of the best memories of my entire life took place here. I present to you, my Bachelorette Pad Loft Kitchen. Glam, Girly, and Urban. Not totally my style anymore, but I'm proud of it because I did all of the work with my own two hands. Unfortunately no real cooking ever took place here (I stored sweaters in my cabinets people) but an awful lot of martini shaking went down. Cheers! Here is the "Before". This was the MLS listing picture and exactly what it looked like when I bought it. Boring, generic, builder finishes.

And here is what I did to it. First off I painted the cabinets matte black. That alone made a huge difference. But I needed more, More, MORE glam so I had to hook up a backsplash. I installed Fasade panels, which I totally recommend. It was crazy easy and only cost me around $200 bucks. But my my fav element is the full height installation I did next to the last upper cabinet. I painted a piece of sheet rock (drywall) hot pink then arranged mirrored chargers in a symmetrical pattern on top and attached them with construction glue. Let it dry over night, then nail to the wall. Easy peasy. Bling Bling.
I needed to style the countertop so I grabbed some left over glass vases from various flower arrangements. You know those ugly things you never know what to do with? Just spray paint em. Spray on the inside, not the outside, and it will never chip. Pretty huh? 

I had these bar stool chairs. Lets be honest, super boring. So I painted em with left over grey paint.

I also had this boring wine cabinet. And I painted it black, lined it with Art Deco patterned paper, and put a hassle on her.

Boo ya! Ooooo....ahhh....Then I found the PERFECT kitchen rug at Walmart and styled the top of the stove with a Vanna Vanilla mudflap girl...ya know, cause I'm klassy like that...

I wish I could invite you all over for a cocktail, but I don't live there anymore. Stay tuned for my next kitchen, which I'm thinking will be all white and brass...


  1. Super creative and love the black cabinets and all those pops of glam and color! I really love to see how people reach deep within and pull out all their creative juices! Great job and lovely meeting Jessie. Happy Thanksgiving Linds..
    xo Nancy

  2. So impressive! Beautiful work....I love the backsplash.

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that pink mirrored piece! gorgeous backsplash as well. great job!

  4. LOVE the pink mirrors!!! Gorgeous. What a great job. I need to start working on my own place... yikes!!!


  5. ohhh this is my favorite feature yet - - love her ingenuity!

  6. Really nice transformation of a previously blah space!

  7. Wow what a transformation. How fun to have a bachelorette pad!

  8. So fun!! I love that backsplash and have been looking for something similar. Thanks for the info!!


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