Friday, October 26, 2012

What I am Loving This Week

So listen...I am totally digging an unorganized forum today, obviously. It is the freaking weekend, praise the lord. I deserve it. Do you all deserve it? I am certain that you do. I need to clue you all in to what has been on my mind this week. A lot of interiors. A lot of neckwear fashion. A lot of cuisine (which I did not make).  Sigh. Let's do it. 

This image has been on repeat in my head all week long. Like a broken record. For starters, where in the hell is that rug from? I adore it. And contrast piping on furniture? No brainer. So glam. 
Another glamazon space for your eyes. I am not afraid of red in the home, like some. This space is so warm and glamorous at the same time for me.  Going to need that red wreath for the holidays. I am certain of it. 
Miles Redd and the Backstreet Boys needs to quit playing games with my heart. That art installation is enough to stroke over. Does anyone else notice the fringed couch? I die. I have many times considered fringe being incorporated into our house, and I have many times talked myself out of it due to Stella's piss and vinegar nature. 
Spotted this image yesterday and about ran out to the store immediately to buy 100 yards of emerald green velvet fabric. I mean for serious. What a perfect addition to a rustic and sophisticated space.
On to my neckwear obsessions this week. Diamonds and leopard. Need I say more?
I do not care if this piece somewhat resembles a baby's mobile above their crib. It does have all of the elements. Little mirrors, dangling items. I wonder if it makes noise? If it does I am purchasing one immediately, if not sooner. 
Tassels on crack. Leave it to Tory to take a tassel that I already love and adore and multiply the impact and magnitude ten fold. I am obsessed with every image of Tory's 2013 Spring Collection that I have seen this week. It has taken the fun out of Fall for me. 
Laaaawwwwddd have mercy. Mercy. This trench is one in a million. The neck adornment is so killer. 
So on to what I have been craving this week. You know this girl loves quinoa. This quinoa fried rice looks absolutely incredible and WILL be made in the near future. Thinking of adding shrimp. 
These soba noodles look so amazing. I am really loving the brown rice noodles as of lately, so I might substitute those in for the soba's. We will see. Things might get super crazy up in here. 
Admittedly, I am not a huge sandwich person but I am willing to make an exception for this open faced beauty. I mean what is not to love? We have been watching Sopranos again and proscuitto has to be the most common word in every episode. Pesto, proscuitto, avocado, tomatoes and onions? I cannot think of something I would want more. 
These crunchy black bean tacos look super simple and incredibly nom. Nom nom nom. 
So there you have it. My brain dump for this week. I hope you all have fabulous weekends. Any big plans? Miss me? I miss you already! XOXO


  1. WHOA! Sensation overload here...not only am I totally loving all the interiors but I am craving something exotic to eat at not even 7:30 am! All gorgeous....happy weekend to you!

  2. Back street are hysterical!!! bahahahaha. And love everything per usual!

  3. The necklace with the can get them for like $5 on eBay! I got one a few years back and love it! Here's one I found...

    The only thing better than fabulous is fabulous and cheap!


  4. You are on a roll with goodies, as usual. I really want that crispy prosciutto thing.

  5. I want everything here and I mean everything!!! I went yesterday to Forever 21 to get some faux baubles for my 80s inspired halloween costume and they had some diamond necklaces like that one....for like 10 bucks! I scored a couple!

  6. Obviously I'm diggin the quinoa recipe. Oh and just about every other image on the post. Diamonds and leopard for the win!

  7. I've been dying over that jacket from the first moment I saw it. I would wear it But I can't wait to pull out the faux fur vest either.

  8. Im with you-I've been all over the map this week. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Those edibles look incredible.
    xo Nancy

  9. Quinoa fried rice?! Yeahhh I could eat that every night.

  10. I am dying over that rug!! I must have it asap.

  11. Thanks for making me want to redecorate my house, go shopping and eat yummy food, even more than I normally do!!

  12. That rug is seriously beyond. Let us know if you figure out where its from, please? Also that trench, too chic.

  13. Love the Backstreef Boys reference almost as much as the amazing neckwear! So FAB!! ;)

  14. A feast for the eyes! I'll take the rug and soba noodles!

    that rug is to die for, the collar, the second room... it ALL

  16. That rug is gorgeous! There is a similar one in the most recent issue of Elle Decor. The magazine lists the source as but I can't find it on the site. Let us know if you track it down!

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  18. the rug is Moldavian (from Moldova)
    check this -


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