Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stuff I Love

At any given time, on any given day, I have a detailed list of various things I am loving and "needing" at the moment just rolling around in my head. #spoiledrotten. This list could change in 5 days. It could change in 5 hours or 5 minutes. This is the stuff I love right at this moment. Arranged in no particular order. 

- I bought these PJs from Target last weekend. Immediately when I spotted them, I thought Kate Spade. And ladies, I am not lying. They look like they came directly off of a Kate Spade show room. They are comfy and I have been in them since my office closed early yesterday. Busted. 
- These pillows have everything I can want in a pillow. Velvet, bright colors, contrasting trim, greek key adornment, under $40 price point. In the words of Heather of RHONY, "Hollerrrr." (By the way, I hate that saying. Let it be known.)
- This shagreen box is a super cheap accessory meant to adorn any space in your home. Maybe to hold miscellaneous items on your desk? Maybe to hold change on an entry way table. Make it your own. 
- I have had my greedy eyes on these napkins for quite some time. If I do not get a set of these to dress my holiday tableware in, someone is going to get hurt. I love the red (obviously) paired with the pheasant feathers. This will happen for me one way or another.
- Who doesn't love a zebra tray? I mean honestly. 
- A bold hue and patterned scarf to dress your neck, bag, head or anything else you feel like putting a scarf on. I am thinking this might be a great framed scarf as well. Possibilities are endless. 
- This freaking elephant bangle is rocking my world beyond believable imagination. For serious. And at a fabulously low price point, I can afford to buy so much more from my girl Erin's Shop.
- On a day like today, I am lusting over anything plaid, flannel and warm and this plaid throw fits the bill. 
- Don't we need to stay dry from this hellashish storm? I am so digging this pagoda umbrella and have decided it is the ONLY way I can stay dry. Only. 


  1. Those pjs are amazing. So Kate Spade!! I am off to stalk my Target, they would make great Christmas gifts!

  2. Your THE best!!!! Thank you so much for featuring our elephant bangle. You made my day :)

  3. and when I say your...I mean you're!!!

  4. Wow, those jammies are awesome! And love everything in Erin's shop!

  5. What an adorable umbrella!



  6. I love the PJ's. They do look like Kate Spade. Hope you've been enjoying your lounging :)


  7. Love! I'm pretty sure I need the pjs and umbrella!

  8. Can I just say that I feel your pain? A list exists in my head constantly. I'm not sure there has ever been a time when there wasn't one! #sadbuttrue

  9. Um, I'm going to need those napkins. Of course they're from Furbish

  10. Great minds think alike...I got those Target PJ's last week too and I LOVE them!! They are so comfy! Loving all of your other picks too!! XoXO

  11. Love love LOVE those PJs and the umbrella! Makes me want to go dance in the rain. Preferably wearing rain boots, but still. :)

  12. Love it al! If you always have a running list of "needs" please share - you have such a great eye!


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