Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Musings: Pop Art

I have super important news to report. I am back from the dead. I have risen. I am so sorry I missed you all on Friday, but I could barely open my eyes in the morning. It was pathetic and tragic. The good news is that I am back and better than ever. That is the best thing about being ill. Probably the only positive. When you feel like you are knocking on death's door, and then you start to improve, it gives you a sense of functioning around 150%. It is all relative. Since I have my spunk and spice back, we are going to talk about a very spunky topic today. Pop art. I will tell you this. It is not for the timid or reserved. It is in your face and definitely carries the aesthetic in any room.  It lacks in subtlety and is unapologetic and I am all over it. It is so me. Let's check it.

Of course this would be from the amazing Jamie Meares. Of course. Three of my favorite things up in here: Jackie O and the colors emerald and red. This pop art won me over so much that we went out to buy the same to adorn our dining room. Damn you Jamie Meares. Love you doll. 
{Lonny Mag}
The Queen never looked so funky and fab. This is the perfect accessory to a clean and modern area. I am also adoring the addition of the David Hicks La Fiorentina AND that major art installment on the coffee table. 
My lovely gal Naomi is totally twerking some pop art in her serene yet funky bedroom. This is definitely a feminine and more understated piece of art but is appropriate for the feel of the space. 
{Design Manifest}
Serious. Pop art. Did I tell you this was not for the timid or what? This person is confident and daring. Definitely the perfect piece for some mod boutique hotel or lounge. 
A little, ok a lot, of Marilyn never hurt nobody. What a fun and eclectic space finished off with some bright, in your face art. This is what I am talking about. Anyone else dying over the pleated ottoman? Oy. Loves. 
{style at home}
Funky, funky space. Even a little too funky but has some majorly cool elements. 
What a fabulously collected bedroom. Multiple pieces of pop art, and it doesn't appear to be overdone. We all know I am salivating over the monograms. Folks, we know I would sell myself for a good monogram. Let's be honest. 
Hot damn. Dark and moody hallway. I love the old school pop art being loudly displayed here. Anyone else spot the fun animal statues and busts? Loving the bulldog in the back on that console. They know the way to my heart. Pop art and animals. 
In your face dining room adorned with bright blue walls and a serious Lichtenstein pop art piece. Is that table not insane? Bananas. 
Some pieces that totally struck my interest. Mao of course, ladies. 
I love the Queen. 
{The Queen}
And who doesn't love Marilyn? Happy Birthday Mr. President. 
So since I have purchased the Jackie O piece for my new dining room, I thought I would share the new plan for our dining room. I decided I cannot look at the grey faux sponge paint Olive Garden-ish finish for another two years. Although, when you are here, you are family. However you are not in a poorly decorated American Eye-talian restaurant. Solution? We are totally going with "Easy Wallpaper" for renters from Sherwin Williams. That's right. Peel it off. Take it down. Reapply. How hard can it be? Famous last words. Here is what our space will soon look like. Don't forget our newly black lacquered dining room table. 

Get the Look: Jackie/Rug/Chandy/lamps/Tray/China/Console
Did you all have a fabulous weekend? Do tell. My three day hiatus from you was almost unbearable. It was worse for me than you. Trust me. I will not let it happen again. Loves!


  1. oh my goodness, I can't wait to see this! It's going to be amazing!

  2. Glad your back :) and I cant wait to see the wallpaper and everything else! gonna be do die for!

  3. You are spunky today! I am so glad you are feeling better! Sad to see a comrade down! I love all art, pop or no pop..These images are certainly magnificent and bold. I love that about it. It evokes a strong opinion from the viewer and that gets art into their soul! Love it.
    Have a great day, love your room plan and Jackie O.
    xo Nancy

  4. Love these! Please check my blog on Wednesday ... I just strolled through the South End Art Walk in Boston this past weekend and I will be posting my photos. One of my absolute favorites was a Pop Art artist. I am dying. It is the size, the scale, the boldness, I am trying to get one home!! xo

  5. Love your plan! I used to have easy change wallpaper in our powder room, it is really easy to peal off!
    Love the old school pop.

  6. Love your dining room plan! I was coveting those chairs myself and the peel down wallpaper might be the ticket for my teen daughter's room.

  7. Your dining room is going to look SO incredible! I love this!


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  8. This is going to be awesome! Love a good pop art piece!

  9. I'm a huge fan of pop art. Your board is fantastic! Can't WAIT to see photos!

  10. What I see here is more than you being at 150%!!! Fab photos and write-up. I love the plan for your dining room. I have been eyeing that chandelier for a while! You could turn any image that you like into a pop art DIY...easy to do in photoshop........maybe of Sadie and Stella :) that could be cute....

    1. So how does one do this in photoshop??? I have been trying to do so and it's not working :(

  11. I am LOVING all of this pop art! I would love to have a big frame right in the center of a blank wall.

  12. LOVE pop art! It's funny thought, because my style is super white and understated. It think that all pink Marilyn from design manifest would be the perfect balance for me. LOVE it!

  13. I love every piece of pop art I've ever laid eyes on. You're right though, it is not for the timid decorator.

  14. Glad your feeling better - now get to work on that dining room! I can't wait to see all of its fabulousness.

  15. so glad youre feeling better. love that you said pop art is unapologetic. so true. i dont tend to lean towards it, but i tell you what, i fell real hard when i just saw that beccy smart image up there!

  16. Absolutley love those prints! Heaven! I love that they are so modern in traditional spaces. That entry way is so glam - love it!

  17. Amazing eye You Rock!

  18. I love that chair!!! Would you mind sharing the source?


  19. Wow that is such an amazing article. Such a nice place. The living room gives a great vibe. Its tones kinda touch my heart. I've a question! Why have you hanged faces all around the house? lol

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