Tuesday, September 25, 2012

DIY: Feather Art

So it has been a hot little minute since I have posted anything even remotely do it yourself. Shame on me. This project is so fitting for the busy, the lazy, the inept, the elderly. As they say, "So easy a Cave Man could do it." As of lately, that is just my speed. In effort to finish up our monochromatic master bedroom, some art was totally necessary to fill some blank walls. Since I am going for the plush, monochromatic aesthetic, loads and loads of texture is the constant theme running through my mind. So I got to thinking, what is more luxurious and lovely than white feathers? Nothing. That is what. Why not frame them? Follow my logic here? 
DIY Feather Art
Bag of feathers. You can get these at any craft supply store in basically any color your heart desires. To produce a piece this size, all you need is one bag of feathers. I totally misjudged and bought 6. Guess there is a potential for a lot of feather art in my future. 
Poster Board
Glue gun
Picture Mat

I mean, one look at the supply list and you geniuses already know what to do. Measure your picture mat and mark down the measurements on your poster board for assembly. Glue layer upon layer of feathers. I started at the top and worked my way down and then back up with 3 layers. After all, this is all about the texture. Then mat, frame and hang. I told you. Stella and Billie actually executed this project. I just supervised. 

And another angle. Please excuse the glare. 
So what do we think? I think it is the perfect, romantic, unique and classic piece to adorn one of our walls. Just a few finishing touches to this space and it will be ready for the big reveal. Loves!


  1. OHHHH good idea! Now will you teach me how to make a ju ju hat? I need one above my bed and I cant seem to justify the expense. let's make one!

  2. I'm so obsessed with feathers! Your reveal is going to be amazing. I need a sneak peek!

  3. romantic and clever....and easy (the best part!).

  4. What a great project! Love the frame you used and how it turned out! I think I might have to try it in my own room within a black matte frame.

  5. So cute! Feather art is an awesome idea! Might have to give it a shot!

  6. Great idea. I'm thinking it would be cute with a more modern white frame I have lying around and some colored feathers. Must try.

  7. Such a cool idea!!!! Love how this turned out. But I love anything with feathers!! xoxo

  8. Very cool! I have some extra feathers lying around and I just might have to try this! :)

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  10. This would be cool to use to remember your angels who have gone to heaven. You could put their pictures among the feathers or around the matt. Such possibilities.
    Thank you

  11. Wooo great I love feathers too. Nice frame on the wall. Its good to hear from you these decor things.

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