Thursday, September 6, 2012

Crushing on Erica Eriksdotter

All of you know how incredibly obsessed with my dogs I am. Correct? I mean it is almost to the point of an unhealthy fixation, really. Lucky for me, artist Erica Eriksdotter is both enabling and humoring my die hard love affair for my pups. I have been a long time fan of all of Erica's work, but when I saw that she was now making pet portraits, I had to get in on that. So first up was Miss Alpha herself, Stella. I gave Erica several pictures of Stella and let her do her thing. I figured she would come back with something good. Something close. Well folks, I was absolutely blown away by the after. It is literally identical. Tear ducts and all. The best part is, that she captured our favorite expression Stella has in her bag of tricks, mischief. 
Just to give you an idea of what I originally sent to Erica, thar she blows. Please excuse all of the chaos in the background. This was circa move number 3. I present to you Stella in her typical stance, up to no good. 
And where the painting now lays its pretty little head at night. Right where Stella and I can see it when we are working. I mean can you believe the resemblance? She picked up the character and all. I am still blown away by this piece. 

Now all that is missing is Bills portrait that we intend to go directly under Stella's. That is the general pecking order in this house, followed by myself and then the boy. We are at the bottom of the totem pole around here. 
So enough bragging on Stella, you need to see all of the other pets that Erica has graciously captured. 

I have never met a King Charles Spaniel that I do not adore. How beautiful is Bella!?!?!? She is so regal.
Holy Boston Terrier. Also a breed of a dog that I have never met one that I didn't adore. I am starting to see a pattern here. Actually I cannot pinpoint a breed I do not like. See, obsession. 
If I were a betting man, which I am neither a gambler nor a man, I would bet that this dog is either full or part wa-wa (chihuahua). With a name like Bubba, I am all in. Do you not feel as though he might reach out to you with a Baja Steak Chalupa? Fire sauce? I sure hope so. What an adorable pup!
So you all see what I am talking about now? Obsession. So Erica is such a dollface that she is offering 15% off of all of her pet portraits to S+S readers only, until September 13, 2012. Get it while its hot! I am telling perfect gifts for loved ones, or yourself (the best kind of gifts). Just mention S+S in your order and a 15% discount you shall have! Loves!


  1. Such great portraits of your pretties! Stella must be dying over her beauty :)

  2. Albertina || Mimosa LaneSeptember 6, 2012 at 8:02 AM

    too cute!! I die!!! Stella is precious and the painting did her justice indeed. I love the grey of the wall where you hung it. Its a paerfect pairing!

  3. That Stella ... does she like it? She must feel like a star!! Erica did a gorgeous job on these! xo

  4. awwwwwwwwwwwwww thats the BEST! while i was on vaca - i did a portrait of wilma (because we're THOSE people who want everything Wilma in our house all the time) and it's in pretty rough shape right now, but I hope to be able to get it "there" soon. i just love a good pet portrait!

  5. They are awesome! Wish I had my little Sadie still… she'd make the perfect portrait dog.

  6. Love Stella's portrait - absolutely perfect! Might need to get my goldens rendered. Piper and Zoe deserve it. Still don't have portraits of my human children, but oh well.

  7. I'd die for a pretty portrait like this of my Harlie girl... too bad I'm broke but 15% off is great!!! She did a fabulous job with yours.

  8. Awwww.... Bella the king charles could be my king charles' {Pickles} girlfriend. These are sooo cute! xo

  9. Love the portrait! I so need to get my hubby one of these made of our boxer (she was his before we got married). He would flip out. Good Stuff.

  10. Love your blog! Newest follower! xo.

  11. So cute! love them! I think I need to do that with my new puppy!

  12. How amazing are her portraits?? I'm blown away. So happy to have the painting of Bubba. Now I need one of all my animals!!

  13. Love it. Is your Stella a Havanese? She looks exactly (spooky) like my boy Mo.

  14. so lovely, you give me inspiration to have these on my cuties!
    Have a sweet and brilliant day!!
    Greeting from ヽ(^。^)ノ

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    and let me know if you like to follow each other (just making friends) But if you don't like, it's still ok :D no problems at all (*^。^*)



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