Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lindsay Cowles: Design Genius

Just of note. "Design Genius" is a higher honor than "Design Star." White box challenge or not. So when I talk about incredible and distinct art, Lindsay Cowles generally pops into mind. About 6 months ago, before my move to Richmond, I was scouring the world wide web for unique and colorful artwork for a client and a Lindsay Cowles piece happened to come to my attention. After further research, I realized this love bug lived in Richmond. The rest is history, folks. I have now visited her gallery and an art show and I have to say, muy impressivo. Lindsay is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty. She is a tiny little thing, and after  I have seen some of her extraordinarily massive finished pieces, I am convinced she throws her body on to that canvas to get the job done. That's my girl Linz! Let's take a gander at some of her newest available pieces. I saw all of these bad boys at her most recent art show and decided I would do very bad things to get one of these babies. 

Other available artwork here.
So. Lindsay's newest venture? Fabric. Hello. Genius. Lindsay has taken various completed pieces of her art work, and has had them generated into fabric you can use in both your home or in fashion. Are you not loving this Lindsay I speak of? Her brilliance astounds me. Pretty AND smart AND talented. Triple threat. Don't pull a Tonya Harding on my girl. Check out Lindsay Cowles Spoonflower Fabric available for purchase right this minute. Real time. This fabric is a game changer and I plan on making some my very own. Some of my absolute faves. 
And in case this girl hasn't covered every base, she has also turned in her prints into note cards. I mean doesn't this girl think of everything? I would love to write a lovely note to a pen pal, not a prison pen pal, on one of these brilliant cards. 
So I told you I went to her art show a few weeks back. This would be an action shot. Lindsay is on the left hand side of the shot. She's 'dorable. Also note my favorite piece on the left side of this photo. Larve. 
Lindsay is also a great conversationalist. See below. 
Lindsay's pieces were also recently featured in the "Richmond Design House". This is an event each year which incorporates local designers that each are chosen to design a space in the house. Look at the pieces that were used from Lindsay. So proud of my girl. The piece used here is the tone on tone white acrylic piece. 
 I have seen it in person and it is the most. Aren't we loving this bed as well? Yowza. 

So what do you think? Are you totally sold like me? Lawwwwd. Luckily Lindsay also sells prints of her original pieces. I love how Lindsay is taking the design world by storm. She more than deserves it. Loves!


  1. such fun colors, you know I lurves that!

  2. I really really really love these painting. I'm not usually a big fan of all the "abstract" splish and splash paintings I see out there, but she obviously has a great eye for color and brush stroke flow. I would hang something like this in my home, definitely. Thanks for sharing. xoxo

  3. Oh, just FYI, trying the link to her blog from your post and it's not working - possibly mistyped? Thanks! xoxo

    1. So sorry! Fixed! It is: Thanks so much!

  4. Wow! Love her paintings and the fabric idea is genius!

  5. She's incredible.. I mean WOW. Want some fabric asap!

  6. 100% sold. Would adore those notecards to write to pen pals, not prison pen pals {great clarification}. And how cute is she?

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  8. She's so talented!! Gorgeous pieces!

  9. Beautiful!! I love when you discover that some of your blogger/artist crushes live in your same city. Her fabrics are so interesting....very cool. I will be sure to check them out.

  10. I absolutely adore her paintings - gorgeous work!!

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  12. the art and the bed are fantastic! Love that canopy!

  13. just found your blog and so glad i did! loving it. that fabric is bananas!!

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