Thursday, January 19, 2012

S+S Design: a relaxed master

Yet another e-design project! Have we mentioned that we've been busy? It's been fabulous! The creative energy is flowing and we just can't get enough! For this project we went to work on another master bedroom. With little ones and pups, this client wanted a beautiful, relaxing retreat that was also family friendly. Here is what we came up with!
We chose to create a simple, eclectic space with rustic furniture and a mix of neutral, patterned fabrics.The clients hoped to keep their current headboard so we used that as a starting point for the room. We fell in love with the rustic dresser and knew right away that it had to be included in the room. For the foot of the bed, we found a linen bench that will be durable, and serve as a little source of storage for their family. Our vision was to include two of the gorg gold chandeliers flanking the bed above the bedside tables. This will bring in the eclectic feel that we were looking to achieve and also be a good accessory to the existing headboard. Another source of lighting in the room will be displayed on the dresser. We wanted to add some cool colors into the space through the rug and accessories to compliment the already warm vibe in the room. We have also included a wallpaper in our design that we think will look lovely on the wall behind the dresser. We love the interest and definition the wallpaper will add to the room. We love how this design turned out and can not wait to see it all come to fruition. We hope it will serve our clients well for years to come!

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  1. This will be beautiful and serene, nice job ladies. What is happening behind the that a tapestry or will that be curtains?

  2. Well done! May I ask where you sourced the beautiful bedding? Just perfect! Almost looks like something John Robshaw would come up with but more subdued.

    I'm here, thanks to my friend Mary Ann! Nice blog, ladies!

  3. LOVE IT!! Especially the rustic touch of the dresser!

    From Brooklyn with love,


  4. Ooooh!! Great job!! xoxoox

  5. You always do such a great job!!!!

  6. Thanks for the compliments ladies! Behind the bed is the owners existing upholstered headboard. Barbara, shoot us an email and we can let you know!

  7. Hi

    Where do you find all the fun fabric? Thanks


  8. Can you tell me where this rug is from?

  9. Lovelies, If any of you have questions feel free to shoot us an email at We do not give exact designs away that are used in design boards because they are unique to our clients. But we would love to help you all out with your spaces!


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