Monday, January 23, 2012

monday musings: wondrous world of wallpaper panels

Good morning you gorgy readers, you. Did you all have a nice weekend? We sure hope so. It could always be longer. Always. Today we are gabbing about wallpaper. Not just any type of wallpaper though. Framed wallpaper panels, y'all. Framed wallpaper is for those of us who are either not able to be fully committal with wallpaper or for those of us (not us) who just don't want to be. Wallpaper obviously tells such a story and serves as the backdrop for any space. Why not frame it on a large scale and make it art? Our thoughts exactly. 

Isn't this room the most? We love the serene feel that the cool colored, asian inspired wallpaper panels bring to the room. Amongst all of the warmth and fabulous accessorizing here, these panels center the space and provide tranquility to this master bedroom. Headboard? Yeah we know. Divine. 
Another LOVELY master bedroom. This design genius decided to wallpaper between the existing molding in the space. It makes for lovely framed art, we tell you. The wallpaper used here is so gorgy we cannot even stand it. Timeless and fabulous. 
Another example of wallpaper framed within the existing molding. And yellow it shall be. How amazingly eye catching is this? Just in this frame, it captures so much going on and really does serve as art in the room. 
And in the same room...more framed wallpaper. Obviously the wallpaper is not completely symmetrical and that is why we love it. It truly looks like a matched set of art. Illusion, people. Illusion. 
Actual framed wallpaper. To die. We love the gilded frames used here to hold this amazingly whimsical wallpaper. Such a beautifully neutral space and then BAM with the cobalt blue side table. We adore it. 
How fabulous is this framed wallpaper in this office? Such an intricate and over the top frame is used to hold this floral wallpaper. We are loving the creativity and utility here with hanging additional art on top of the wall art. The layers add depth and style. 
Another perfectly pretty framed set of wallpapers. This time with gold bamboo framing. We totally approve. All of the texture and neutrals used here really let the art do its job. Highly styled vignette. 
Look at this to die for dining room. Mix and match seating, gorgeous oversized lantern, gold bar cart, industrial dining room table. Sensory overload. Oh and we forgot to mention, the beautifully framed wallpaper art that is centering the space. What is not to love here, folks? There are so many elements happening here and they all mesh in perfect harmony.  
On to the world of bloggers in the world of wallpaper panels. Joi at Nuestra Vida Dulce sure knows how to work it. In a transformation of her master bedroom, she had some beautiful wallpaper handy and decided to frame the pieces as symmetrical art work in the room. We beyond love and adore the results. 
We hope you have a fabulous day, darlings. Love, L+L


  1. That first though not even my stlye is really fantastic looking, I never though i would like orange in a bedroom but in that one, I do.

  2. Love that one from Canadian House and Home, it's perfect behind that settee! I'm dying for a pendant light like that! Love your blog.

  3. I love the idea of wallpaper framed. Much less commitment!!

  4. LOVE this idea! Especially the fact that it adds color but doesn't take up any room

    From Brooklyn with love,


  5. I absolutely love these!! I agree that it's less commitment and you still make a statement without spending $$$

  6. Love your blog! So excited to see this post on wallpaper panels. I found some inexpensive wallpaper at Target years ago (I know, right, at Target! What?!) Anywho, used it to make panels for my master bath. Check out the finished product here...

    - Kristy

  7. Thanks for the sweet words! : )

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