Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Favorite Room Feature: Classic Casual Home

We first happened upon Mary Ann from Classic Casual Home a few months ago, and we have never turned back. Her style is classic, timeless and chic. Girl has got vision and style. Just wait and see. Have at it Mary Ann!  

Hello Stella + Sadie readers!
I am so happy to participate in Lindsay and Lindsay's My Favorite Room series.  
It changes seasonally, but right now 
my favorite room in our southern California beach cottage is
Our Master Bedroom.
This bedroom was renovated last year and you can 
read more about it here and here.
During the cooler winter mornings, this is my favorite place to turn on the fire
grab a cappuccino, hop back into bed and catch up on my favorite blogs.
Thanks, Lindsay and Lindsay for inviting me over.
Rocky says "hi" to Sadie and Stella!
Best wishes,


  1. Such a relaxing space... I would looove a fireplace in my master! So pretty!

  2. Thanks for having me over to visit! I hope you will come be a guest at my place sometime!

  3. I already follow Mary Ann's blog. I love her style.

  4. May Ann is one of my favorite bloggers. Her style is so classic. Thanks for sharing. Happy to follow.

  5. I love Mary Ann's style...and how she is showing your page on her laptop in her bedroom...cute!

  6. Oh Mary are good. Real good. I loved the Sadie and Stella blog pulled up on the laptop, so cute! I love the room, its so peaceful, restful and elegant without being too fussy. Hanging in my bedroom might be my absolute favorite thing to do!

  7. You know how I love this room, Mary Ann. It's warm, relaxing and gorgeous...what could be better?!

  8. Love what you have done here, Mary Ann. SO serene and beautiful.

  9. Hi Mary Ann, thanks for introducing me to Sadie and Sadie! Darling blog! Your room is lovely and that bed, with the beautiful linens looks so inviting. If you find a big lump under the covers when you head to bead tonight, you've been warned!


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