Thursday, August 2, 2012

Favorite Room Feature: The Pursuit of Style

Hi dollfaces! Today we have another fabulously talented gal who is strutting her striped walls right in front of our faces. Lindsay from The Pursuit of Style is one of my go to daily reads for many reasons. 1. She is fabulous. 2. Her name is Lindsay. 3. She spells it with an "a". 4. She is killing it. Today she is sharing her favorite space with us, her entryway. Ooooohhhh ahhhhhh. Like I don't adore anything with a black and white stripe. Let's be honest. 

Hi all, I'm Lindsay from The Pursuit of Style and I'm excited to be sharing my favorite room with you today! I hope Lindsay doesn't mind, but I'm using 'room' a little liberally because my favorite room is actually our entryway.

When we first moved in, the narrow, l-shaped entry with its beige walls and ceiling was entirely forgettable and totally not my style. I decided to use the small size to my advantage and make a big impact with black and white cabana stripes. They say first impressions are everything, right?
P.S a million thanks to my dad who patiently measured and taped off and each and every one of those stripes!
A vintage brass pineapple welcome sign greets you as you enter.
A pair of Christian Chaize beach prints add a dose of color. I love how they pop against the black and white background. They're the first thing you see when you enter and always make me smile!
Scalamandre zebra umbrellas and other rainy day essentials are at the ready in a vintage ceramic urn.
So there you have it, from beige to bold black and white! I hope you've enjoyed a peek into our home. Thanks to Lindsay for inviting me!


  1. I too have the exact boots by my front door with a pineapple door stop is a symbol of hospitality and warm welcome!
    gorgeous colours.
    Bec x

  2. Love it...what a chic and happy space. Talk about a beautiful welcome:)

  3. I love a bold entryway and powder bathroom! The black white stripes are thrilling.

  4. Thanks so much for having me over today! xx

  5. fun stuff! those zebra umbrellas KILL it in the space too

    Every little detail.

  7. I love the black and white stripes! So classic!

  8. I love Lindsay's style! This entry is adorable. You had me at black and white stripes...

  9. I love Lindsay's style! The stripes, the prints, the brass pineapple welcome sign: it's all so good!

  10. Lindsay just has incredible taste and style, black and white stripes-winning! zebra umbrella-just my kind of lady! and the pineapple welcome sign-swoon!

  11. I love the walls! I painted stripes like that in my daughter's room, but used a really dark brown. They had such a fabulous touch to a space!

  12. I have been lusting for those beach prints forever!

  13. This room is gorge! I love the way the beach print colors look against the striped wall.

  14. oh my gosh, LOVE that entry way and I'm so envious that ya'll did it yourselves (what a nice dad to measure and tape!) It is to die for. Come to my house and do this for me!!!!

  15. This room is just stunning. I think this would be great for a mudroom as well. All the accessories, the pineapple welcome sign, the beach portrait, blend in so well.

  16. Lindsay a stunning entry with so much impact! Love your art as well!

    Do you think your Dad would head over to do some taping for me!

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    2012 Artists Series

  17. Love the idea. Get me inspired. Thank you

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