Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Favorite Room Feature: My Crafty Home Life

Darlings! Today we have one of my favorites, of course. Like I would ever give you anything less. Linda is like a really fun, not annoying, blog camp counselor. Linda is the genius behind the One Room Challenge, amongst a few other crazy challenges. Linda is cray cray and I adore her. I know it is going to come as a surprise to you that this space has zero leopard in it. Sigh. That's OK Linda. We have to switch it up sometime. Now let's see her space!

Hello Lindsay's Lovelies! I'm Linda, from My Crafty Home Life and I am thrilled to be sharing my favorite room with you. Since I only have 2.5 rooms in home finished....I flipped a coin.

My dining room won. This is the first room that you see when you enter my home. It was actually the inspiration for the very first One Room Challenge.
It all started like this...from a bad iPhone picture and long before I blogged. I lived with it looking like this for years. Project by project....I tackled the room.
The chairs were a make-over project that you can read about here. I also turned the head chairs into side chairs.
The china hutch was another make-over project that you can read about here. I bought it from a neighbor of mine and it sat in my garage for several years.
The lanterns started off red and dull. I loved the shape, but they lacked sparkle.
After I obsessed over paint choices, the lanterns became blue. You may also notice that the ceiling now has a plank treatment on it. It wasn't hard, and you can read how to do it here.
For the window treatment, I made a custom pagoda cornice
You can see the tutorial for this, here.
I am so happy to have been able to share my favorite room with all of you.
Setting a time limit on a project or room is really a great way to force yourself into finishing. Did you read how Lindsay finished a room in one night? Now that's good! Thanks for inviting me, Lindsay. 


  1. The blue lanterns are an amazing transformation! SO eye catching.

  2. Love the lanterns and the chairs! Great job, Linda!

  3. love the painting chairs! My favorite part!

  4. ...this is unbelievable! I see where the idea to hang my wall panels comes from :) .....yours look magnificent!!!
    The window treatment....Oh that's good, real good.......overly good!
    The finials on the china cabinet...WOW
    I love the lanterns and the ceiling. Well I guess, I just love the whole room! A great example for ORC!!!

  5. Great ideas for a unique look, what a fabulous impact it made painting the lanterns!

  6. Don't you just Love Linda! Her One Room Challenge is the BEST, but she's a tough act to follow as you can see! Look at this room it is killer! What she does to those ceilings is insane!

  7. What a gorgeous room. I am madly in love with those chandeliers!!

  8. Hi Linda and Lindsay! I love LInda's room, especially her painted blue lanterns!!! Linda is the skill master! Im a huge fan of hers.
    xo Nancy

  9. I knew she was handy....but that pagoda cornice is insane! Well done! so impressive!

  10. Lindsay, thanks for featuring my room. Blog camp counselor...I'll take it!! BTW, because of your fab dressing area, I want to make one...and add a bit of leopard. I'll be channeling my inner Lindsay.

  11. Linda is just crazily amazing. My head spins like a top just thinking about all that she can accomplish in such a short amount of time. She did a beautiful job with her dining room! And I'm STILL jealous of the lanterns.

  12. Beautifully done! Love the blue for your lanterns!!! And the pagoda cornice....and the china cabinet...and ....and....and!!!

  13. Ah-mazing. I have a feeling the photos don't even do it justice.

  14. I have been feeling so un- inspirational lately.....I am glad Linda is still running along for us! Amazing everything she did in this space!

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