Tuesday, March 8, 2011

va va voom vases: kate spade $25

Anyone who knows me, knows that I support Kate Spade entirely. She is in the class of my top 5 favorite designers of all time. I am into the hometown girl thing, and she happens to be from my hometown, Kansas City. So I was just surfing the net last night, a normal weekday night for me, and I found this amazing vase from Kate Spade for $25. I know. Let me repeat. Kate Spade. $25. I know those two things are not generally in the same sentence together. But for that price, I must have. Are you kidding me? Someone please pinch me and no it is not St. Patricks Day and it is not that I am not wearing green. This must find a place into my home.

Also notable at KS, this amazing, non budget friendly vase

However, I present to you the budget friendly option. At none other than, Crate and Barrel. 
Vases are great accessories to add a pop of color, hold some flowers or even air for that matter. Air does need a pretty container to hold it. While we are on the topic of vases, lets explore some other punches of color for your abode. 


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