Wednesday, March 16, 2011

lamp shade: from aha!

As we spoke about before, I had a lampshade. A nice little grey lampshade. There was nothing fundamentally wrong with the lampshade, it just wasn't cutting the mustard, so to speak. I decided this was my opportunity to give my lampshade a much needed face lift. This area shown below, is our entryway of our loft. It is somewhat awkwardly shaped, so a long console table fits the bill. I decided that a dramatic print would fit this area best. 

I found this amazing fabric on a new favorite online store of mine, Mood Fabrics. Here is the fabulous fabric I chose, and 50% off. Score.

Here is the finished product. So easy to do. I might consider giving my other lampshades some plastic surgery in the near future. Just call me Dr. Lindsay. 

So, next on the horizon. Need art work to accompany this arch in this entryway space. I am thinking a set of 6 pictures hung vertically in two lines. I think that will be super chic. The prints need to be colorful and eclectic. I am on the hunt, so let me know if you come across anything fabulous.  I originally had a vision of blowing up a black and white map and cutting the map into equal sections to be framed as a whole. Instead, I loved this arch and am fully committed into making it work. Also, this console table has a ledge on the bottom, I see a chrome garden stool in my near future. 


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