Tuesday, March 22, 2011

uno, dos, TRAYS!

Once upon a time, there lived an Hermes tray. It was beautifully coated in a soft yellow shade and adorned with only the fullest and most beautiful flowers and the funkiest of accessories. Then it made its way into my home. The end. No. Seriously. I have been drooling over this tray for a solid year now, after it was photographed out of Olivia Palermo's NYC pad. Since the cheapest one I could ever locate was pushing $500. We will have to settle for the look for less!

Here are some other budget friendly options for you tray adorers. 

You can't get much closer to the real thing than this...
Well, we have more than three options. So here are the rest. I included other colors as well if the bright yellowish/orange is not your thing. 

Last but not least...this looks different, however, these trays are customizable. Any color, and personalization preference. I think this is an awesome option and for only $28! Cannot beat it. 


  1. That top shot is delish. I love everything in it!

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