Thursday, March 24, 2011

mid-century modern madness

Ummm so maybe the guys are into March Madness, but not so much for us. We are thinking, Mid-Century Modern Madness! Our bracket has retro, vintage, unique architecture, clean lines, fun colors, stone, organic material and funky shapes all going to the Elite 8.

So we are totally in the theme of the 70's. We are hosting a 70's themed party this weekend, which we will give you the deets on next week... but this whole set up has got us thinking about mid-century decor. Think Palm Springs! We are hoping to achieve the same aura for our party as we cannot handle the whole "hippie" theme.

We love the look of mid-century pieces mixed with old and new. Please look at this first room. What is not to love? From the organic grasscloth wall coverings, to the oversized quatrefoil mirror. The colors? To die. Don't even get us started on the light fixture. This room is sure to win a bid to the Final Four. No?
David Jiminez has done it again! When I see these x-benches, I immediately think Jonathan Adler. The sleek architecture and bright white, with the gold and lush accents...this room is a slam dunk. 

What do you know...another x-bench. How did that manage to make its way in here? Orange velvet chairs and holy statement lighting. This dining room screams Palm Springs. 
{desire to inspire}
We are slightly obsessed with this room. We love the understated tones of the room to immediately lead your eyes to those amazing chairs. Basically everything from the Viceroy Hotel is droolworthy. 
{the famous Viceroy hotel}
Yeah. Well of course, it wouldn't be Mid-Century Modern without an appearance Jonathan Adler. X-benches...snuck their way in. Again! We wouldn't have it any other way. We have never loved white walls so much!
{the Parker Hotel, designed by Jonathan Adler}
Love how the focal point of the room is that amazing structure above the fire place. Its reflective and asymmetrical and absolute perfection. It immediately draws your eyes above to the grand art deco chandelier. As you know, we love turquoise. Cannot go wrong. 
Doesn't this room just make you feel like you are in the desert? I feel like we could walk out of that sliding door into 100 degree dry heat in Palm Springs. This room is the quintessential Palm Springs. We love the addition of the lucite chairs to the mix. 
So to achieve this look affordably and quickly, we have selected a few items for you that are sure to throw you into the category of mid-century modern.

Statement lighting? Yes, please.

What is mid-century modern without an x-bench? As you all may or may not know, these benches are a tad pricey. So we found you a very affordable option with many choices of color from Ballard Designs.

Another fun ottoman option:
So obviously we are going to need white ceramic accessories to achieve our look. 

Items made out of organic materials...which also happens to be an animal. Weird. 
To top the look off...we are going to need some fun accent pillows.
Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. DREAMY!!! Love your style! Found you through haymarketdesigns...your newest follower!

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