Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wattage Wednesday and an amazing DIY

I love alliteration. I cannot seem to stray from it. Kind of a spaghetti and meatball kind of thing. Anyhow, we are thinking about lighting today, my friends. Lighting can change the ambiance of a room rather quickly. Whether it be a chandelier or even a decorative table lamp, it can attract attention and also brighten up the space. Frankly, I have considered changing out all of my lightbulbs and replacing them with UV tanning bulbs. Extreme? Maybe. But I am a little pale and craving Spring/Summer.

I have been toying with the idea for some time now of hanging a chandelier over my bed. I think it adds a certain drama and elegance to the bedroom. I am still on the hunt for something refined and monochromatic. Until then, here are some AH-mazing fixtures that we have found.

Get the look...

So lovely

A Candice Olson design. Is anyone as obsessed with her as we are? We pretty much love everything that she does. If loving her is wrong, we do not want to be right.

So if you are absolutely dying over this fixture, I have a way that you can have it...

Introducing, an amazing DIY that I have been dying to try myself. This might be a little too electrical for me, if you will. But hey, I am open to it. It is pretty much amazing and an exact replica of the above.

And if you are not feeling so crafty, but want the same look. Here we are.

Have a fab day readers! More to come this week...s+s chow and highlights from a local Flea Market.


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