Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Magic Carpet Ride

I'm not sure about you, but I find searching for a rug to be a challenging task! With nothing but hardwoods, I'm in serious need of the perfect rugs. Every time I begin to look I am overwhelmed with choices; bold print or traditional, color or neutral, what size do I need... and the list goes on. I am determined to start covering these floors and I decided to take you along on my magic carpet ride. Here are some helpful tidbits I've found to begin the hunt:
* In a dining room: leave enough space so that the rug extends beyond the back legs of a chair when someone is seated. 8x10 is the most common size for a dining room but measure your space to make sure that's what you need! 
* For a living room it seems that there is no standard size or 'rule' for choosing a size. However, the larger the rug, the more it will pull all of the elements of the room together.
* In a bedroom the 'experts' say to allow for a few feet on either side if the rug is placed under the bed. 
*Don't be afraid to play with colors and designs! Rugs are a great way to bring some spice to your room and can tie everything together. They do not need to be matchy matchy- have fun with your choices! 
I know, I know, obvious suggestions. But sometimes you have to be reminded of things like this before getting started. 

Ok onto my search! I am looking for rugs to put in the living and dining room. They flow together so I want two rugs that will compliment each other nicely. After measuring the spaces I know I need approximately a 8'x10' in the living and 5'x7' in the dining. The dining room walls are wood panel and pretty dark {something I'd love to change but we're in a rental}. Because the space is dark I'm looking for a rug that will lighten the area up a bit, a bold color perhaps or a fun, bright pattern. The living room is much brighter and bigger, I think I can go a more neutral route for this room, something with a subtle pattern that will blend well with something bolder in the dining. Gentlemen, start your engines, it's time to start looking.  

I typically start at places like world market, pier 1 and As a girl who likes to find a good deal, these offer fabulous choices. Let's look at options for the dining room first...

As I began sorting through options I was drawn to the lattice patterns. I decided yellow would be the perfect color for the room. 

love. love. love. this might be at the top of my list.

The grey is lovely but it might be a little to dark for the space.

For a completely different option I adore this cowhide rug and I know the hubs would love it too. With quite a few color/pattern choices this could be a possibility. 

Now for the living room, there is something about the look of a natural sisal or seagrass rug that I adore and it would work well with almost anything you put with it. Natural fiber rugs are also very durable and  usually a budget friendly option. 

I think I prefer the richness of color in this jute rug.

A pattern might work too..

Decisions, decisions. What's your vote? 

Here are few gorgeous rugs that I just might have to find a place for! 


If you aren't an online shopper and want to find a rug in person we always recommend Home Goods, great selection and again, great deals! 


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