Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Musings: What Up Dawg?

Hello my dearest of darlings. What was up this weekend? Were you productive? Did you party? Did you watch the Chiefs go to 4-0? I mean I am considering being a fan this year, really. You may think I sound like a fair weather fan, and you would be correct. You can only watch your home team lose so much. 

So we all are aware how much I love dogs. And not only do they run the show, they each have two sets of portraits painted of them in the house. I wish I were kidding. There is something so fun and yet stately about the painted pups. You know me, a little funk has to be added to each and every space and this is the perfect accessory to do so. Tell your dogs I said "you're welcome." Trust me. Respect. 


  1. Love it, I still want to surprise my husband and get him a picture done of our boxer (his before we got married) kind of love the hot pink silhouette.

  2. Love Naomi's Stein's two bedrooms with cute!

  3. If I remember correctly..that hot pink dog one was from Anthro and I'm so so mad I didn't get it. I am thinking of having a dog portrait done for my husband for his bday. Etsy has some great artists and there is one that will paint little hats on your dogs which has our pup, Pickles, written all over it! xo

  4. Oh my gosh. Love all of the sweet doggies. Such great room decor!

  5. Love all of the examples of tasteful doggie art! As far as your Chiefs go...I'm still mad at my 49ers for letting Alex Smith go, but I sure am happy that he is having so much success in KC!

  6. I'm with you sister...I want a watercolor of our sweet pup!!

  7. thank goodness for your chiefs winning this week- i picked them in my survivor pick'ems league last week. WHEW.

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