Sunday, October 19, 2014

Season in a Trunk

Ladies, ladies, ladies. What is up? How are we? How was our weekend? What did we do? I was super productive, impulsive (repainted my kitchen on a whim), got my hair did and spent time with my loves. Oh and I also broke my thumb. Seriously. Guys. So much for me being Sporty Spice. I tried to reenact a move that I do at my gym and inserted a kettleball in place of a medicine ball. You guys. Let's put it this way, I totally ate it. Now I am coming at you with 9 working digits. Moral of the story, thumb is sca-rewed. Let us pray. 

Sooooo getting down to the biz. Since we are now full fledged into the fall season, it is only natural we get our fall decor asses in gear. Cha feel? Thank you baby Jebus for Season in a Trunk and their festive Season in a Trunk. So appropriately named. I decide to throw a fall brunch and the decor is pretty much ready to roll. How about a throw, some fall inspired pillows and a few nature themed knick knacks and we have a fall tablescape. So, do we Season in a Trunk? Yes. Yes we do. 

When entertaining outdoors in the fall, be sure to have some light throws to keep your guests warm and cozy. I mean we can leave the warmth up to the hotty toddy being served up, but it is always better to be safe than sorry, y'all. Just call me emergency prepared. 

 Fall Sunday brunch should be part of every religion. 
So, it comes in the mail to you like this. 
And is styled like that. 
If you are seasonally lazy like moi, get yourself the seasonally festive decor in a box. It is style for dummies, y'all. Loves. It. And. You. Mean it. XOXO


  1. So sorry about your thumb. Hope it heals quickly.

  2. Oh no!! This is terrible! I hope not having that extra thumb is not too inconvenient. This is a great your styling!

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