Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day Must Haves

Lovers! Are you all eating to excess, drinking too much and spending your entire month's salary on Memorial Day sales? Good girls. Just the way it was intended. So I have been traveling my ass off and working the other part of that off, so I apologize for my unannounced absence. Things will be slowing down soon so we can talk again on the reg, K? Ok so I thought since I had a little down time this weekend, that I would share what I am digging during all of these Memorial Day sales. They are must haves. Truly. 

One. This stackable bracelet. I first came across these babies from my girl Mel and thought they might be a bit rich for my blood. But turns out, you are getting like 15 bracelets for the price of 3. I mean it would be financial suicide to not partake. A real value. 
Two. Mexican Serape from Lulu & Georgia. Perfect for any foot of the bed that feels bare, an outdoor picnic or a throw to jazz up the back of a couch. Buy this weekend and get 25% off! Use MEMORIALDAY25 at checkout. 
Three. Ummm these smoking slippers. I mean I am not one for flats, but I could make an exception for these. I am all about a flamingo especially when it involves smoking slippers. 
Four. The Circle. I mean who doesn't love a tale about a woman rising in power? Set in a utopian culture, this book is not short of salacious drama or snark.  Larve. Oh, and it's pretty. 
Five. Everyone is a dumb whore. Well I mean, because everyone is. Amirite? 
Six. This. Art. Totally envisioning this stacked with something more figurative. 15% off of everything at Furbish this weekend using code SUMMERTIME. 
Seven. Mara Hoffman's new collection with Anthropologie spawned this gem. If this is wrong, I certainly don't want to be right. Now everyone can have Mara's bohemian vibe in their home. More specifically, on their couch. 
Eight. Adorable, and even better, affordable makeup bag. Love the tribal yet girlie feel. Cannot wait to shove all of my makeup needs up in here. 
Nine. Can't a girl get some fringe? Digging these neutral fringe heels. Feel like they could go with just about anything for the Summa. 
Ten. Loving this Art District print. I came across this site, which every picture literally makes me want to take off to another place immediately. If nature is your thing, covered. Urban areas? Got it. Super affordable and unique prints. 

Let's get to the free. Shall we? I came across the graphic genius Bri Emery and her free and downloadable graphics for all of your tech needs. KT is the artist on these beauties and I have since converted every background and wallpaper I can get my hands on. Do it.  

I hope you all have a LOVELY holiday weekend. I will be back in full force next week with room updates, recipes and anything else I can pontificate about. Loves. xoxo


  1. LOOOVE your picks. Especially the smoking slippers. And you know how much I love Bri Emery. :)

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  2. Love these picks! Did you recover from your birthday?! You are busy! When are you stopping by the Big D?xx

  3. How colorful and lovely! And I want those flamingo slippers!!

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