Friday, October 11, 2013

Kansas City's Finest: Barbara Cosgrove Lamps

Can you believe it is already time for another Kansas City's Finest? My, my, my where do the weeks go? So today I am sharing a local lamp talent that I happen to know and love personally, Barbara Cosgrove Lamps. So when I first moved here and started my day time job as an insurance broker, I came across a girl I work with who found out I had a design business on the side. She mentioned her mom made lamps etc and the cynic in me was thinking "yeah, yeah, yeah." I was like "who is your mom?" And she is like "Barbara Cosgrove." Insert mouth gaping open on my end. Followed by me saying "so your mom is famous?" She was gracious enough to take me to her mom's warehouse and introduce me to the entire team plus tour the offices and the site. Can I just say, it is more amazing than anything you could ever imagine. 
In the offices of Barbara Cosgrove
When it comes to lamps, Barbara knows her stuff. Each and every piece is more unique than the next and I have to say, I jones to put her pieces in each and every install I do. I am so proud to have such vision and talent within my city limits. Just check out all of the amazing stuff she is doing. 



  1. I've been eyeing that foo lamp at a local shop. I had no idea it was made by a KC girl. Now I want it even more!

  2. Love Barbara Cosgrove! And I cannot believe you know her or her daughter. Amazing!!!

  3. Love her blue foo dog lamp!!! So cool. Used a pair in a design once!!

    So fun you got to go to her studio!!

  4. She is so talented. How fun for you to know her.

  5. Hi Lindsey, they are all gorgeous! Barbara Cosgrove is so talented!
    Did you know that I live in Kansas City?

    Art by Karena

  6. I pined over the BC white baroque chandelier for about a year and managed to save up enough to get it this year. It is the crowning glory of my home. Now I have my sights set on the Jake lamp (because we rescue greyhounds). Also, I went to her site and just realized that ZGallerie is selling several knock-offs of her designs. BC is a leader in the lighting industry and that woman can do no wrong in my book!

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