Tuesday, November 29, 2011

S+S Holiday Gift Guide: For the Man in Your Life

Ho, ho, ho. Seriously. Do you all ever find yourselves struggling over special gifts for that special man in your life? Same. Here. They are picky. They claim to have functional and simple needs. Well gals, their idea of "functional and simple" would be QUITE different than ours. Our idea of "functional and simple" would be any unnecessary item, with glitter and lots of gold. And lots of it. Practical, people. Practical. They want a cool, rugged, scientific, metal and feasible gift. Try to pack all of those requests into one nicely wrapped package. Well, well, well. Do we EVER have the Holiday Gift Guide for you: For the Man in Your Life. 
1. Ok, what guy doesn't want a personalized piece of bar ware? We present to you, the monogrammed cocktail shaker. Men love anything chrome. This is a proven fact. Not to mention a personalized piece of chrome bar ware. 
2. For the traditional, techie man in your life. The Makr leather iPad case. Obviously if the man in your life has the iPad, he is definitely into gadgets. He likes simple yet luxurious things. This is the case for him.
3. Super unique. Super. The wood iPhone cover. This is definitely an iPhone case you do not see everyday, folks. Again, another product for the classic techie man. 
4. For the science geek in your life. The Phrenology Art Print. We love the muted colors in this piece. TOTALLY something you would have seen in an old science book teaching about lobotomies. Totally. 
5. Every man needs a leather duffle to travel with in style. This leather duffle is sure to last through any and every fashion trend. This is an absolute classic piece and will look even better with age. Like a fine wine, gals. Again. Practical. Practical. Obvi this piece has a major return on investment. Gets better with age? They will love. 
6. Hey, your man has got to keep warm in the frigid weather. Right? Why not this arctic scarf to do the trick? Equipped with manly grays, blacks and tans, this scarf cannot disappoint any man in your life. Traditional but also stylish. 
7. Another great travel piece for that special guy. This dopp kit is the perfect piece to handle all of his most precious toiletries. I am sure they are extremely concerned with the safety of their toiletries in travel. Any how, this baby sure beats those Ziploc bags he has been carrying through the airport. Am I wrong? 
8. For the sophisticated, modern, businessman in your life. Tiffany's cuff links. These are so gorg and also are available for personalization. This is such a unique and obviously thoughtful gift. Again, these will last a lifetime and are special because you monogrammed them. Girls, you are so thoughtful! 
9. Last, but certainly not least, the ultimate shaving kit. This is for the man in your life who appreciates the finer and more historic things in life. Some men are completely fine with grabbing their Mach3 and a can of shaving cream and going to town. While others, totally appreciate the old school form of a good shave. For your guy? This will not disappoint. 


  1. This guide is so helpful.Why are they so hard to shop for?

  2. Beautiful ideas...so handsome and elegant. Well done!

  3. What a great list! I see a few things my husband would really love!

  4. HEY! I love a good female partnership ;) Makes it so much easier and their is always double the ideas! Your blog looks great. Thanks for following Dalliance, we need the support. I just started following you lovely ladies on bloglovin. Love where your heads are at with the post too! haha

    Nicole & Steph

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