Monday, September 15, 2014

Making your home, Home Goods Happy

So. Remember back in the day (a few short weeks ago) when I told you about the HomeGoods Happy campaign I was partaking in? Home Goods gave me a gift card to share with someone special in my life. The task was to touch one of their spaces and make it Home Goods happy. So who better to choose, than one of my very best friends, Erica. Lucky for me, the girl already has FABULOUS taste and only needed a few minor tweaks to make her space (the sunroom) Home Goods happy. My favorite thing about Home Goods is the amazing price points for designer pieces. Decorate your home for half the price of retail. Talk about happy. I am thrifty, peeps! So armed with the gift card, we selected a slew of things to put the finishing touches on her space. I am totally digging it. 
From: Home Goods
Coffee Table Tray
Blue and white accessories 
Picture Frame

One thing I love about going to my friend's houses and helping them decorate, is taking already there pieces and repurposing the items in different spaces. For instance, this bamboo side table was in her basement and we brought it up to create more table space for guests. I mean instant glamour, amirite? 

I mean, who doesn't need a little blue and white to jazz up their bar? You guessed it. Home Goods. A fully decorated bar adorned with all of the necessary accouterments (every type of booze), is enough to make ANYONE happy. 
From Home Goods:
Bone inlaid bucket and bar set? Bingo. 
Black and white bar towel
Blue and white accessories
Not only is my girlfriend Home Goods happy, but so am I because I can enjoy this space every time I come over to kick it. Time to play bartender, my happy place. 


  1. I really do NOT understand why stores give you too much credit. I know design (like beauty) is in the eye of the beholder and I do NOT appreciate your designs one bit. You just throw fabrics and accessories together without giving it some thought.

  2. Nothing like a brave anonymous comment. Thank you so much for your honest and educated opinion!

  3. Yes....Unlike "Anonymous" who clearly took their time when choosing a name to post. Good thing you think long and hard before you "throw" your comments up. Or perhaps you are spending your daily efforts in the wrong place #hatersgonna hate

  4. Love all of this! Especially the coffee table and that yellow pillow.
    I need a Home Goods trip soon, it's time to decorate for fall!

  5. Love this space! Homegoods is a fav for blue and white accessories. You always have great style

  6. Great response to Mr. Anonymous above. I love your style and ideas and all those random fabrics your throw together. And... love love love Home Goods.

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