Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Favorite Artist: Lisa Golightly

What is up my pretty little ladies? Did you have a swell Easter weekend? I would tell you that I was MIA yesterday due to a killer Easter Monday celebration, but that would be a blatant lie. So let's just say I was working tirelessly. K? So I recently stumbled across some amazing paintings while perusing a One Kings Lane sale and of course, the painting was out of stock. Feel me on the frustration with that gals? Seems like when one of their items goes out of stock, they fail to tell you the actual designer/artist name. It is a dirty little game they play. So finally after some serious Pinterest recon, I found the identity of this amazing artist. Lisa Golightly. I am obsessed with the anonymity of these paintings. Like who are they and what are they all about? Anyone who knows me, knows I love a little mystery. 


  1. Loooove these paintings, too! The rough brushstrokes and color is so beautiful

  2. I love the colors! and all the white space! beautiful work

  3. Wonderful works of art LIndsay! Thank you for sharing!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. Wow--very cool! Thanks so much for introducing us to this artist.

    And, yeah, I LOVE One King's Lane (and spend WAY too much on there), but I agree: I hate how they don't give out the details of their items. I understand that they want to make money, but if an item is sold out, it just feels really sneaky not to even provide the very basic info about it, so that customers can possibly track it down on their own.


  5. I love these!! I recently just got one from her Etsy shop!

  6. I have her Night Swim canvas I got from One Kings Lane last year. I love it although my son tells me it looks like Slender Man with the white face. I get lots of compliments on it though. She has an Etsy shop too.

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