Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lindsay Cowles Fine Art

Surely you all know what the deal is with my girl Lindsay Cowles. She is an absolute artistic genius and I feel honored to know her. She started her operation only a short time ago and the girl has rolled out to prints, fabrics and wallpaper. I mean, she is truly rocking it. I am rocking a few pieces in my home, and I have to tell you, they get a lot of face time. All of her pieces add major color and texture to any design. Just look at some of her most recent installs. I die. 

I mean it is major, right? Lindsay is offering special pricing for S+S readers. Naturally. Prints will be 15% Off, as will the originals that are featured on the site.  Wallpaper will be 10% off.  The promo will run through midnight 1/31. These codes apply to anything listed on Lindsay Cowles Fine Art. Go get your shop on. 

Codes are as follows for you lovely ladies :
Prints: SSPRINTS15
Originals: SSORIGINALS15
Wallpaper: SSWALLPAPER10

What are some of my favorites? Oh I am SO glad that you asked. 


  1. I have one of her art pieces on canvas I got from One Kings Lane. It's over my fireplace and I love it!

    1. Awesome! I would love to see a photo of your installation! Would you be willing to send one to me? LC

    2. I will. Let me take a picture tomorrow morning when the light is better!


  2. Hi Lindsay, I love these vibrant works of art!

    Kansas City Culture

  3. I adore her wallpaper. it's bold and sensational!

  4. Ooho so lovely. Bold and beautiful! :)

  5. Lindsay Cowles is amazing...I'm dying for her wallpapers!

  6. Hello Lindsay,I absolutely love the way these retro appliances look! Wonderful colors! Growing up, ours were harvest gold. I don't really like the stainless steel, but I think it's really popular right now.interior design

  7. I just love her art - the statement maker in any space...can't wait to go see more!!

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