Monday, December 16, 2013

Last Minute Gifts Under $50

Do you all procrastinate like none other, such as yours truly? I know, I know. It is the worst, but I find that I do better under the gun. The only issue is I cannot stand being around or near a mall at this juncture in the holiday season. You feel? Get these amazing last minute gifts for under $50 bones. I can assure you, the recipient will not regret your straggler tendencies. This is where delaying pays off. Get it. Get it all. 

Get it: Mug/Earrings/Monogrammed pouch/frame/Tea Set/Fur Wine Bag/Ring holder/Necklace/Perfume/Hat


  1. Lindsay, A super gift list!I love the tea set!

    Scalamandre Giveaway!


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