Wednesday, February 23, 2011

S+S DIY: framed chalkboard

I don't know about you all, but there are times that I need a large canvas for note writing or menu planning. Solutions that come to mind, could result in a very unchic and tremendous eye sore. We introduce to you: the framed chalkboard! Chalkboards are no longer for just teachers. This is honestly the easiest diy, and the result is absolutely fabulous. Functional and stylish.

Chalkboard paint - Slate like finish
Paint Brush
Empty frame - any size you should choose
Shower Board - cut to the size of your frame (you can find this at Home Depot, and they will actually cut it to your desired size)

Step 1:

Paint the chalkboard paint directly on to the shower board surface. Paint one full coat, then wait for it to dry before applying another. We used 3 full coats. 

Step 2:
Insert fully dry shower board into frame and secure.

Step 3:
Write many notes. Enjoy!

We told you this was the easiest project ever! Three steps. One of which is not an actual step. Have a fantastic Wednesday!


  1. Very cute! How much was your piece of shower board? I've been trying to find what material I'm going to use with my frame, and this looks easy!

    1. Super, super cheap. I think for this cut it was less than $10. It is a great material to use. Love my piece still!

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