Tuesday, December 7, 2010

S+S DIY: silhouette ornament

If you love ornaments and diy's, this is the project for you.  Without further adieu... our first diy!

To begin this project you are going to need a few things: silhouette of your favorite person {or puppy}, clear glass ornament, glitter, glue {we used Martha's 'glittering glue' found at Michael's}, a thin sharpie, q-tips and a box to contain all of the glitter!

First, trace your silhouette onto your ornament using the thin sharpie.

Fill in your silhouette with glue. We outlined the silhouette, put a few dabs of glue in the middle and then spread it around with the q-tips.

Cover the glue generously with glitter. Clean off the excess glitter, the q-tips worked well for this too.

 Clean off the excess glitter, the q-tips worked well for this too!

Add a ribbon and you are ready to hang- a gorgeous and personalized addition to your tree! We think these would be fabulous in all different colors and could make a fun embellishment for a package! 


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